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This week’s daily fantasy podcast finds us us taking on a major Hollywood blockbuster.

The daily fantasy podcast begins with us recapping my wife’s ‘The Voice’ viewing experiences. I tried unsuccessfully to have her on the podcast, but she ultimately refused. The crew is disappointed, but the show must go on!

We then move into recapping our bold predictions from the previous daily fantasy podcast, and success abounds in the two ironclad predictions. When it comes to Dean regaining his honor though, he’s more than skeptical that it was even an issue to begin with.

money_ballNext we tackle Dan’s movie review for the week, ‘Moneyball.’ We debate the merits of Brad Pitt’s necessity in the starring role, eventually agreeing to disagree on whether or not his presence was the driving force behind the movie’s popularity. Myself and Dan feel the story alone could have sold the movie, while Dean believes it was Pitt’s name that contributed to its commercial success.

It’s then time for another edition of ‘Convenience Stories’, and out tale finds us on third shift working alongside Big Black Bruce. The harrowing fable revolves around one happy-go-lucky hobo, and I won’t spoil the surprise ending for you.

Next up, Dean and I debate which NBA players are the alpha male on their respective teams, during a segment called ‘Whose Team is it Anyways?’ As usual Dean and I strongly disagree on various items, and once again we’re left with a clear consensus as we move along.

Dean then offers up a varying range of hypotheticals for us to explore, and they’re March Madness themed to keep in suite with the spirit of the season.

Lastly we carry the podcast out with our fresh round of bold predictions, and I think there are a few that just might surprise you!

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There’s no such thing as daily fantasy wrestling, but that doesn’t deter this daily fantasy podcast.

Your favorite heroes find themselves with a litany pressing issues to discuss as episode #3 of our weekly podcast kicks off. Myself and the boys start things the right way with a conversation centered around my wife’s newest obsession. She recently turned her attention to a competition of sorts as a remedy for her Netflix binge-watching ways, and you’ll never guess where she’s found her newest refuge.

Things then pick up as we recap last week’s bold predictions. Dan and Dean both have a lot to gloat about, but I (and the Ukraine) were not quite so fortunate. You’ll definitely want to tune in to hear about the hammer and the host.

The daily fantasy podcast takes a turn to the sports world as Dan delivers a riveting review of a cinematic classic — The Wrestler. Dan and Dean shower me with contempt as a result of my movie-watching ineptness, and I’ll have a mountain of work in order to gain acceptance from these two film buffs. Scratch that, film snobs.

It’s then time for another edition of Convenience Stories, and I tell the tale of love unrequited. Well, something like that. Dean and Dan both hang their heads in shame at my lack of youthful ambition, and then grill me on the matter.

We then move over to the realm of hypotheticals as Dean poses a series of outlandish questions to Dan and I. The situation eventually boils down to what a person would or would not do for money, and the scruples of one or two hosts may just shock you.

We close out the daily fantasy podcast with our bold predictions for the upcoming week, and trust me, you’ll want to come back and see how they pan out.

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In honor of the past month’s award ceremonies, this daily fantasy podcast adds some unofficial media coverage of its own.

Dean and I find ourselves with newly adopted third wheel Dan, and his presence adds an electrifying monotone with on-point references and ever-quippy deadpans. The daily fantasy podcast kicks off with a review of the previous week’s bold predictions, and cliffhangers ranging from the war on drugs to my father watching House of Cards are finally resolved. It was an excellent start to our bold predictions, and hopefully a sign of good things to come.

We then move onto our first sports movie review, where the movies are chosen by Dan and the correlation to sports is rough at best. The first cinematic masterpiece tackled is Teen Wolf starring Michael J. Fox. The flick features a short scene with its namesake dominating a high school basketball game, and after much deliberation we leave the segment having learned many lessons about life, loss, and shooting hoops.

The daily fantasy podcast then slides seamlessly into a riveting review of one of my favorite musical acts, The Beards. Hailing from Australia, this shaggy quartet have released three beard-centric albums over the past five years. For an interesting take on all things beard-related be sure to tune in to the daily fantasy podcast.

Things then take a turn for the nostalgic as we arrive at the “Convenience Stories” segment. I worked in convenience stores for five years before trying my hand at daily fantasy sports, and the occupation is everything the movie “Clerks” billed it as and more. In this particular story I recount one customer’s abuse of Speedway’s customer courtesy policy, and the punchline contains a hilarious twist.

The daily fantasy podcast arrives full circle as we give our bold predictions for the upcoming week. You’ll want to tune in then to find out if our insights come to pass!

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The inaugural daily fantasy podcast features awful smells, the hottest new way to play daily fantasy, and a generous helping of sports trivia!

The fun starts with Dean and I squaring off against one another in a draft for the ages. We’re both competing to wrangle together the best squad — but with a hilarious twist. Our aim is to assemble the smelliest team possible, and we both quickly realize this is much more cutthroat than we had originally anticipated. Much research went into our selections, and at the end of the day we landed at these final lineups. True gems.

scola yellDean’s All-Smells Team:

Ronny Turiaf

Pau Gasol

Nikola Pekovic

Luis Scola

Chris Kaman

Gabey’s All-Smells Team:

Nick Collison

Boris Diaw


Marc Gasol

Evan Fournier

Listen to the daily fantasy podcast for a detailed explanation on why each player made the cut.

After the shenanigans we move into a more serious segment with Grant Gurtin, founder of DFS Elite. Elite is a one-of-a-kind fantasy basketball experience, one that combines the thrill of snake-drafting with the strategic mastery required for salary cap analysis. The app is mobile only, and is quickly becoming one of the more beloved ways of enjoying daily fantasy basketball. Grant drops a few hints of what’s to come for Elite as well, and trust me, it’ll leave you excited for more!

Next up, Dean’s long time buddy, Dan, makes an appearance for our very own gameshow titled ‘What Does Dan Know.’ Dan has little to no knowledge about sports, and that allows Dean and I to wager back and forth on what (obvious) sporting questions he may or may not be privy to.

Lastly, we bring the daily fantasy podcast home with our bold predictions. You’ll have to tune in next week and find out which ones came true!

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You’re missing out on consistent money!

Playing daily fantasy sports can often be frustrating. Like any other game of skill, there is an element of variance that introduces inherent risk to the players. What causefantasy sports bankroll management podcasts many people to feel the severe effects of this “bad luck”is poor bankroll management skills. In this fantasy sports bankroll management podcast you will learn the keys to maintaining a healthy, ever-growing daily fantasy sports bankroll. When unfortunate events strike your daily fantasy sports lineups your bankroll will emerge unscathed with the tips mentioned in this daily fantasy sports bankroll management podcast.

The first thing you must ask yourself is what kind of player you are. If you’re a casual player who can freely re-deposit when your daily fantasy sports bankroll runs dry, then this daily fantasy sports bankroll management podcast may not be as relevant for you. This is a great way to play daily fantasy sports, but it’s not for those looking for career or semi-career play!

If you’re a player who cannot afford to freely re-deposit, or do not wish to make more than an initial investment into your daily fantasy sports bankroll, then you will need to pay close attention to the range of topics covered in this daily fantasy sports bankroll management podcast.

Ever wondered how much of your bankroll you should invest into daily fantasy sports each night? This podcast will discuss what percentage of your bankroll should be in play each night, as well as what factors cause that percentage to fluctuate up and down. You’ll learn when to hold back your entry fees and when to aggressively attack.

This daily fantasy sports bankroll management podcast also teaches players how to distribute their money amongst varying types of contests. Which percentage of your nightly distribution should be large-field guaranteed prize pool tournaments? Triple-ups? Head-to-heads and double-ups? This fantasy sports bankroll management podcast will answer all those questions and more!

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winnerNever choose the wrong players again by listening to this daily fantasy basketball podcast!

In this daily fantasy basketball podcast, Dave “Loughy_D” Loughran and I discuss the differences between cash game plays and large tournament plays. Before we touch on the subject matter though, let’s examine the differences between the two types of contests.

A cash game is a type of contest where roughly half the field of eligible participants win cash. These range from double-up games to head-to-head type matches. These contests are universally safer than other types of games, because even with a mediocre team you still have a chance to defeat your opponent(s).

A large tournament, or guaranteed prize pool (GPP), is a contest where the prize is determined before it fills up. That prize is guaranteed whether the contest fills to capacity or not. These tournaments generally pay out to the top 5-20% of participants, and that makes the risk much more volatile than in other contest types.

In cash game style contests, the safest plays are generally the most desirable. You are only trying to beat one opponent, or half the field, and this means you can target players with high floors. A high floor means that even with a sub-par performance, a player will generally score a decent amount of fantasy points. These players are easy to identify, as their nightly point totals generally do not deviate much from evening to evening.

In a large tournament, it is often necessary to cash in a “lottery ticket” or two. What this means is drafting a player who could very easily score a miserable fantasy point total, but could also score a large amount of fantasy points as well. These players are also easy to identify by viewing game logs.

In order to win different kinds of contests with regularity, you’ll need to identify which types of players to target. Use this daily fantasy basketball podcast to help you accomplish that goal.

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daily fantasy basketballThink you know basketball? Think again.

When I first found the the BBALLBREAKDOWN YouTube channel late in 2013, it was from a search for film on Kings point guard Isaiah Thomas. I was convinced that Thomas was much better than many were giving him credit for, and after watching a thorough breakdown of exactly HOW talented IT2 was, I was hooked.

Before we go any further though, let’s take a look at exactly what BBALLBREAKDOWN is. Founded by Coach Nick, BBALLBREAKDOWN is a multi-faceted one-stop shop for the inner hoops coach in all of us. Through complex, analytical breakdown of the hottest topics in the NBA, Coach Nick brings a unique and insightful pedigree to the national basketball conversation. Coach Nick digs deep to find out exactly why things happen, and in doing so passes along a wealth of daily fantasy basketball insight as collateral damage.

Whether you’re a casual daily fantasy basketball player, or a seasoned veteran, BBALLBREAKDOWN offers something for everyone. After watching these topical breakdowns you’ll learn to view live basketball with brand new eyes, noticing subtle nuances that will directly contribute to increased daily fantasy basketball profits.

The value doesn’t stop there though, as Coach Nick hosts a weekly show with former NBA referee Ronnie Nunn called Court Call. On the show, Nick and Ronnie analyze controversial calls from the week in review, with Ronnie weighing in on whether or not the officials got it right.

There are also live fantasy shows, interviews with NBA players and coaches, and even instructional videos for improving your game. Whatever your cup of tea, BBALLBREAKDOWN has something for you!

My suggestion to you is to check out BBALLBREAKDOWN sooner rather than later. Coach Nick is an informative, and extremely interactive follow on Twitter as well. Shoot him a tweet @bballsource and make sure you’re in the conversation!

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daily fantasy football

Unfortunately Justin wasn’t able to break the bank this time around.

This past week had the potential to make my season, or to be a major letdown.

For my lineup in the DraftKings Millionaire Grand Final, I chose to take some risks that could potentially pay off, and vault my team up the leaderboard towards the largest prize pool in daily fantasy football history. As it turns out, the daily fantasy football contrarian plays that I made weren’t the right ones. I paired Matt Schaub with Andre Johnson, and was inches from turning a QB who was only 8.8% owned into a huge daily fantasy football payday. Unfortunately, Matt Schaub was, well, Matt Schaub. He overthrew a wide open Johnson in the end zone in the first half, then Johnson decided to return the favor with a dropped pass in the end zone in the second half. Josh Gordon also dropped back-to-back passes in the end zone for me late in the first half. I thought that my string of bad luck had surely ran its course. No sir. As soon as I broke into the top 300 with DeMarco Murray’s late TD grab, Shane Vereen pulled up with a groin injury and did not return. Neither did my hope for a big daily fantasy football payday. All that I had remaining at that point was Joseph Fauria (who was tackled at the two yard line late in the game), and the Raiders D, who managed 3 turnovers, but couldn’t find a way to cash in on the opportunities. Needless to say, I finished outside of the money, but it was a fun, nerve-racking experience nonetheless. I fought my way into the top 300 just after 4 P.M., and wasn’t officially done for until Vereen was ruled out for the game.

I didn’t play any other daily fantasy football games during this past weekend, as I chose to focus my attention on the big daily fantasy football prize potential. This week is the end of the road for my inaugural season of daily fantasy football, and it was been a hell of a ride. I  began the season with no idea what to expect, and ended the season with more football knowledge than I could have anticipated. I not only learned a lot about the industry, but the world of fantasy itself. I considered myself somewhat of a fantasy expert in yearly leagues, but now realize that I am nowhere near that status in the great world of daily fantasy football. I’m working on clawing my way to the top, but it will certainly take some time. I’m going to focus my attention on NBA in the following months, because there is nothing better than daily fantasy games every single day of the week. One last time, for old time’s sake, here are the guys I am looking at this week, hoping to cap off a solid rookie season.

QB- Aaron Rodgers @ CHI. Elite talent at a middle of the road price. I’m not sure how effective he will be coming off of his injury, but at this price, I still trust him in this spot over guys with similar tags such as Andrew Luck and Matthew Stafford. This is a win or go home situation for one of the best in the business. He gets it done in a big way.

RB- LeSean McCoy @DAL. In my mind, Shady is the best all-around back in the league right now. In yet another winner take all scenario, I’m looking at the guys I know I can trust. Chip Kelly must have heard my rants asking for McCoy to get a ton of touches, becuase he is finally becoming the focus on offense again. Good move, Chip.

WR- Jordy Nelson @ CHI. Aaron Rodgers is back, and so is Nelson’s value. This kid has sky-high potential with Rodger’s glorious moustache back on the field. His price tag is ridiculously low for this scenario. I can’t wait to watch this duo back at work this weekend.

TE- Dennis Pitta @ CIN. The Bengals are thin in the secondary, and have struggled against opposing TEs at times this season. Pitt’a price tag is perfect for a lineup that is looking to save cap for firepower elsewhere.

K- Shut up.

D/ST- Patriots vs BUF. As much as I’d love to see the Bills take down the Pats this weekend, Thad Lewis is starting under center. It’s not gonna happen. The Pats defense should be good for a few turnovers and hopefully a score.

Good luck this week, let’s finish it out on top. Hoping to have a solid weekend to fund some future NBA endeavors, seeing as I will be putting my hat into the NBA ring full-time starting next week. It has been a terrific run, and a ton of fun. I’ve enjoyed sharing my daily fantasy football experiences, triumphs, and failures with you.