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Buzz Draft Daily Fantasy Review

BuzzDraft still exists in the daily fantasy sports world but it remains to be seen how long they’re going to stick around.

Cashier – BuzzDraft’s cashier allows you to deposit via Paypal or a vast array of credit card options. Cashing out is extremely slow, sometimes taking up to a full week to process a minor amount. Daily fantasy sites have the ability to provide you with lightning fast cashouts and when one of them doesn’t, we take that very seriously. It’s a big negative for our faith in BuzzDraft.

Rake – The rake is reasonable, starting at 9% and decreasing as stakes get higher.

Customer Service – The customer service at BuzzDraft is a mixed bag. Sometimes it’s fast, sometimes it’s slow.

Interface – BuzzDraft’s interface is reasonable from a design standpoint. From a functionality standpoint, it’s miserable. You can’t delete a player from your lineup, you have to overlap them with another player. This makes tuning your team difficult and annoying. The site is often slow and buggy. Calling their scoring live is a bit of a stretch, since it routinely takes them multiple hours after a contest finishes to finalize player scores and reach the pay out stage. To say they could improve in this area would be a gross understatement.

Salary – You’ll often find BuzzDraft’s scoring a few days behind most of the other daily fantasy sports sites. Out of all the daily fantasy sports site reviews we’ve done, BuzzDraft is by far the slowest and least competitive with their pricing. You’ll find players who should have been updated a week ago at the bottom of the bargain bin, and you’ll find ballers on streaks of liquid fire hovering in the average to slightly expensive range, rather than close to the highest salaries where they belong.

Scoring – BuzzDraft’s scoring is definitely dynamic, if uninspired. They offer a bonus for 3-pointers like DraftDay does, they offer a bonus for rebounds and assists like DraftKings does, and they deduct points for missed FG’s and FT’s, like DraftStreet does. The unique part about their scoring is they give you 2.5 for blocks and steals instead of 2. Below you’ll find an example of their daily fantasy basketball scoring:

Points Plays
1 Points scored
1.25 Rebounds
1.5 Assists
2.5 Steals
2.5 Blocks
-1 Turnovers
-0.25 Missed FG
-0.5 Missed FT
1 (in addition to points scored) 3-pointers made

We cannot in good faith suggest that you play on BuzzDraft at this time. At minimum we’d need to see a big boost in the speed of their cashouts to consider them a good choice for daily fantasy sports players.

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