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Daily Fantasy Basketball Picks: Five Guys No Burgers And Fries 3-21-13

The Circuit event at FantasyFeud was a home run last night with a titanic slate of NBA action to keep the top spots on the leaderboard up for grabs until the very end. Tonight the Daily Fantasy Radio Circuit takes a break from daily fantasy basketball as we head over to DraftKings for some daily fantasy hockey action!

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Yesterday’s Top Daily Fantasy Basketball Picks

No one cared who I was until I put on the mask.

Tristan Thompson $90,912 @ FantasyFeud: 33.50 Fantasy Points

Amir Johnson $112,507 @ FantasyFeud: 35 Fantasy points

Josh McRoberts $63,762 @ FantasyFeud: 26.25 Fantasy Points

Carmelo Anthony $125,478 @ FantasyFeud: 30 Fantasy Points

Tobias Harris $67,489 @ FantasyFeud: 15.25 Fantasy Points

Al Horford $135,161 @ FantasyFeud: 51.50 Fantasy Points

Brandon Jennings $125,259 @ FantasyFeud: 28 Fantasy Points

Anthony Davis $111,666 @ FantasyFeud: 22.75 Fantasy Points

Gordon Hayward $84,480 @ FantasyFeud: 39.50 Fantasy Points

Tim Duncan $148,024 @ FantasyFeud: 58.75 Fantasy Points

Today’s Top Daily Fantasy Basketball Picks

Daily Fantasy Basketball

I’m just happy I get to leave the nursing home during basketball season.

Top Daily Fantasy Basketball Pick: Andre Miller $4,600 @ DraftKings: Ty Lawson may be out for tonight’s contest, and that means Miller stands to play heavy minutes. He’s shown this season that he’s far from washed up, and leaning on two impressive outings over the Nuggets past two games I expect him to have no problem hitting value against a Philly squad weak against opposing point guards.


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