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Daily Fantasy Football – Justin’s Journey Week 3

daily fantasy football

Justin’s face when he realized he imported one lineup into every contest.

Week 3 was another daily fantasy football learning experience for me.

I learned that I need to double check each of my lineups before the deadline. Don’t get me wrong, I studied them up and down, but then I decided that one lineup was my favorite, and “imported” it into additional contests. The only thing I didn’t realize was that it was being imported to replace my previous lineup in those contests, essentially leaving me with one lineup in every daily fantasy football contest.

My favorite daily fantasy football moment of the week was hearing that when Adrian Peterson arrived home last night his daughter told him that she couldn’t believe he had just lost to the Cleveland Browns. While that is embarrassing in itself, my fantasy teams were victims of their own success.  Marshawn Lynch had a tasty matchup with Jacksonville, who is just about as bad as a team can get. Looking at the box score and seeing 45 points and nearly 500 yards of total offense would lead you to believe that Lynch took advantage of the matchup. Seattle did take advantage, but they did it through the air. TAVARIS JACKSON put up a perfect passer rating in the second half, following Russell Wilson’s four scoring throws in the first 32 minutes of game time. In fact, Lynch was stopped at the 1 yard line TWICE in this game, and both times we all watched Zach Miller snake his touchdown. These kinds of plays can make or break a daily fantasy football week, and once Lynch was pulled shortly after halftime, that was the end of that.

There were some good plays that I took advantage of this week on my daily fantasy football teams though, including Joique Bell, who managed to put up 131 total yards and a score at a decent price tag. Matthew Stafford was my main play at quarterback, and he finished as the number five option behind stalwarts Jake Locker and Geno Smith. The wide receiver position was, as always, incredibly unpredictable for daily fantasy football. If you told me at the beginning of the week that waiver wire regulars Santonio Holmes, Ted Ginn, and Jason Avant would all be top-10 scorers this week, I would have had a hard time looking at you with a straight face.

The DFR Insider draft kits worked well for me this weekend as well. I use them in conjunction with my own daily fantasy football research, and CrazyGabey definitely helped me out on a few plays I wasn’t locked on at first. You can check out the DFR Insider draft kits for yourself here!

On Saturday night, when asked about his lineup, I told a buddy of mine that I would bench DeMarco Murray in favor of Matt Forte. While this advice wasn’t terrible, given that Forte went for 87 yards and a score, Murray ended up as the top dog this week, putting up over 200 total yards with a score. He still has a chance to pull out the “W”, in spite of my ill-timed advice. On the other end of the token, I was being advised to play Maurice Jones-Drew in my flex in place of Nate Burleson. I played the matchup instead, and was pleased with the results. Burleson had a great game, especially in PPR formats despite not finding the end zone. MJD did find his way to paydirt, but with only 43 yards on the ground, he was one play away from being a complete bust.

An interesting bit of daily fantasy football knowledge I came across while looking back at stats from this weekend was that there were ZERO running backs that scored more than once. In contrast, there were four wide receivers who found the end zone multiple times, as well as three Tight Ends, including Jordan Cameron’s three big ones (one of which came on a fake field goal, and was pretty awesome). Based on these numbers, I’m considering changing up my strategy a little bit moving forward. I’ve always been a guy that was huge on top tier running backs, and found any and every way to pack my lineup with them each week. Through three weeks only two backs have had multiple scores in a game, and both were last week (Lynch and Knowshon Moreno), but there have been 16 instances where a wide receiver  has scored multiple times in a game, as well as 9 multiple scores for Tight Ends. These are pretty staggering daily fantasy football numbers for a running back guy such as myself. I can assure you that next week I’ll be following that trend, and looking for wide receivers to fill my flex spot, or possibly even a tight end.

While this week wasn’t quite the cash cow I had hoped it would be, I feel that I’ve gained some valuable insight for the future. This journey was always going to be a process, and I just have to take it one step at a time. Incorporating all of the daily fantasy football knowledge and strategies I’ve come up with over the past two weeks, I feel more ready than ever to tackle a new week. I’ll have a more in-depth overview of my plays this week, because a few more minutes of research and planning this week could make a world of difference.

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Justin was born to play fantasy sports. He may or may not be half man, half machine. Adrian Peterson thanks him daily for the privilege of being on his team.

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