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Daily Fantasy Football – Justin’s Journey Week 4

daily fantasy football

Justin’s wide receiver experiment worked well!

This week in my quest to dominate daily fantasy football games, I turned my attention to daily fantasy football wide receivers — and I never looked back!

Of my top ten plays, Demaryius Thomas and Dez Bryant excelled, each scoring twice. Torrey Smith had his best game of the season, and led the NFL with 166 yards receiving and a score. These numbers may have been even higher if not for the incompetence of Joe Flacco, who completed the same number of passes to Smith (5) as he completed to the Bills defense. AJ Green was a disappointment with his 7 grabs for a measly 51 yards, although Victor Cruz was the only receiver who was targeted more on the day. The Ginger Ninja (Andy Dalton) is the culprit here. He was erratic at best against the Browns defense on Sunday.

The big surprise of the week was Jerome Simpson going for well over 100 again this week, and if Matt Cassel remains under center for the Vikings, he might end up being a cheap, high upside play among daily fantasy football wide receivers in the coming weeks. I simply don’t trust Christian Ponder to get the ball to anyone with any sort of consistency. Tight ends also came up huge, and looking at the stats you’d think it was 2009 with Antonio Gates and Tony Gonzalez combining for an astounding 22 grabs for 385 yards and three trips to pay dirt.

I’ve determined that the main rules for my lineups will include spending as little salary as possible on a kicker and finding 2-3 defenses with middle of the road price tags I like best and sticking with them. My biggest weakness this week, and every week thus far has been Tight Ends. I’ve ponied up the cash for Jimmy Graham a few times, and obviously that has worked well, but in a majority of my leagues I’ve looked for a cheap option with potential for a big game. This thinking has hurt me in some of my daily fantasy football matches, and I’ll be looking to improve my tight ends moving forward. I’ll likely look to the DFR Insider draft kits for tight end suggestions, as the DFR experts do an excellent job of picking which players will have a huge game each week!

Through the first four weeks of the NFL season there are a few players that are about as predictable as it gets. Peyton Manning’s salary will continue to rise, and I’ll have a hard time not paying it, especially because his matchup this week with Dallas is particularly enticing. According to Tony Dungy, Peyton practiced against the Tampa 2 defense every year for seven straight years while in Indianapolis. Considering Philip Rivers had a historic game against them, I can’t even begin to fathom what Peyton will do to those poor souls. Either way, I’ll be laughing all the way to the bank with him in most of my daily fantasy football lineups. On the other side of the fence, it is almost guaranteed that if Darren McFadden is in one or more of my lineups he’ll suffer a minor injury and sit out 45 minutes of the game. I’m going to start searching for Vegas odds on when his next injury will occur, and I’ll be betting the house. I can’t wait to cash that ticket.

I look forward to seeing the new way that the New York Jets revolutionize fumbling the football. I thought Mark Sanchez would never be topped after his epic butt-fumble against the Patriots, but I stand corrected. Geno Smith was channeling his inner Rajon Rondo with his now infamous behind-the-back fumble. I can’t wait to see Smith finish his live AND-1 daily fantasy football Mixtape application with the first crossover dribble in NFL history next week against the Falcons. Stay tuned.

All in all, this was my most successful week thus far in daily fantasy football, winning more than half of my head-to-head and double-up matches. I’ve still yet to cash in a large tournament, but this week brings some more experience and insight for the future.

Ready to take your daily fantasy football game to the next level just like Justin? Try a DFR Insider draft kit this weekend!

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Justin was born to play fantasy sports. He may or may not be half man, half machine. Adrian Peterson thanks him daily for the privilege of being on his team.

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