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Daily Fantasy Football Wide Receivers – Week 4

daily fantasy football wide receiversWeek 4 is Ripe with Daily Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Possibilities!

This week I am attempting to change my plan of attack in a number of ways. As I mentioned a few days ago, I have always been a running back type of guy. I’ll always take a top-tier back with my first pick in yearly leagues; I always select running backs as my keepers in keeper leagues, etc. But starting today, I now have a different strategy for daily fantasy football. Wide receivers have been an absolute necessity on any successful DFS team this year, and it doesn’t look like that will be changing any time soon.

There are 11 running backs that have accumulated at least 200 rushing yards through the first three weeks of the season, compared to 34 wide receivers who have hit the double-century mark. I had taken note of this trend, and even I thought there would be no more than a 2:1 ratio with daily fantasy football wide receivers. The numbers speak for themselves. If you want to win in DFS, you HAVE to have good, solid daily fantasy football wide receivers in your lineup. While these numbers seem staggering, it also makes it very clear that it is now harder than ever to find those few daily fantasy football wide receivers you can count on to put up big numbers for your team without costing you an arm and a leg. I’m here to help you exploit this week’s matchups in the easiest way possible. These are my top ten daily fantasy football wide receivers to target this week, along with some anecdotes you can enjoy along the way.

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Top 10 Daily Fantasy Football Wide Receivers

1-Demaryius Thomas vs. PHI- Thomas is the number one target for the best QB in the game. The Broncos score points in bunches, and the Eagles give up big plays to opposing daily fantasy football wide receivers in bunches. Donnie Avery and Eddie Royal combined for a whopping 15 catches to the tune of 231 yards and three scores against them. If those two guys combined to make a single player, that guy would STILL not be as dangerous as Thomas. Expect him to have a big week.

Calvin Johnson is ready to score fantasy points!2- Calvin Johnson vs. CHI- AJ Green took apart this defense a few weeks ago, and that was when Charles Tillman was healthy. He may play, but he certainly isn’t 100%. Add in the fact that Henry Melton is now out for the year and Matthew Stafford should have all day to find him. Antonio Brown put up the biggest receiving performance we have seen this year against this defense last week. Last time I checked, Megatron was the most dynamic of all the daily fantasy football wide receivers in the game today.

3- AJ Green @ CLE- Green absolutely manhandled Joe Haden for 135 yards and 2 scores in their last meeting, and I’m sure he is salivating at the chance to face him again. You should be as well.

4-Julio Jones vs. NE- I know the Patriots defense is much improved, and that the Falcons’ offense has been inconsistent at times this year, but Jones has been unstoppable. He has 27 grabs for 297 yards in the past two weeks against Miami and St. Louis. The Patriots are not significantly better defensively than either of those teams. Until someone stops him, in Julio we trust when it comes to daily fantasy football wide receivers.

5- Dez Bryant @ SD- Bryant has been hampered by injuries this year, but managed to make it through an entire game last week without any issues. His talent alone makes him one of the top-five daily fantasy football wide receiver each week. Throw in the fact that the Chargers have allowed more than 700 yards through the air to daily fantasy football wide receivers ALONE, and Bryant’s matchup is mouthwatering to say the least.

6-Brandon Marshall @ DET- Jay Cutler has excelled against the Lions in his career (he’s not the only one), and this Bears offense has been putting up solid numbers all season. I may have him a little lower than most people, but that is mostly due to the fact that he hasn’t fared particularly well against Detroit recently. Granted, 123 yards and a score over two games isn’t bad, it’s just not worth Brandon Marshall salary most places.

7-Josh Gordon vs. CIN- Gordon returned from his suspension with a huge game, inserting a glimmer of hope into the hearts of Browns fans for at least one more week. While the Cincinnati line will likely have their way with the Browns and put tons of pressure on Brian Hoyer, their secondary is banged up. I think Gordon will find many holes to exploit, especially late in garbage time.

8- Pierre Garcon @OAK- There isn’t much more that can be said about Robert Griffin III at this point, aside from the fact that there is nowhere to go but up. He is slowly regaining his form, but failed to score last week. This obviously kept Garcon from paydirt as well. This is a team with an awful defense though, and regardless of the score Garcon will be seeing a massive amount of targets as usual. Facing the Raiders is usually a cure for a struggling team, and I expect this to be the week that RGIII and Garcon connect in a big way. The Redskins also have thrown the ball 81% of the time during their trips to the red zone. This alone gives Garcon among the most upside out of all the daily fantasy football wide receivers taking the field.

9-Torrey Smith @BUF- Smith has been remarkably consistent for a Ravens team that has been the opposite. They get crushed by Denver; struggle against Cleveland, then dominate Houston while the offense was stagnant. Through all of this he has amassed at least 85 yards in each contest. He finds a way to get his, regardless of the game or matchup. He is no longer dependent on the big play, but he could still go for a big one at any time. Get him in your lineup.

10-Cecil Shorts vs. IND- Shorts has been the most targeted player in the entire NFL through 3 weeks, and in case you hadn’t noticed, Jacksonville is bad. 2008 Detroit Lions bad. This team will be playing from behind as usual, and I expect Shorts to take advantage of the opportunity. He also scored in each of the two meetings last season, so this week may be the perfect time for him to find the end zone.

Daily Fantasy Football Wide Receievers – Sleeper Pick

Denarius Moore vs. WAS- Moore had the type of breakout game last week that we have all been waiting for. Granted, 73 yards of his 124 came on one play. He seems to be building a rapport with Terrelle Pryor, and I look for him to exploit a defense that is by far the worst in the NFL.

Moving forward, I want to focus mostly on the wideouts, because my teams have struggled due to my bias towards halfbacks. I’m looking forward to a successful week of FLEX spots dominated by daily fantasy football wide receivers.

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Justin was born to play fantasy sports. He may or may not be half man, half machine. Adrian Peterson thanks him daily for the privilege of being on his team.

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    Yup after a brutal start to my first 3 weeks of NFL, I realize this too. It’s make sense because it’s only 2 running backs. I am also beginning to see that the sum is always greater than the parts (i.e. it’s not good to have too much expensive guys in a lineup and then having to fill around 3 spots with plug players). I realize it can work in MLB, but not in Football. I realize too that players scoring at the top on fanduel is practically using 4 wide receivers (alas jimmy graham). RB’s are important but not as much as wide receivers because they take up 4 of the nine spots. Great post. I luv it!!!

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