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For season long fantasy football players there has never been a better time to make the switch to daily fantasy football!

This year will be huge for players. The sites are getting bigger, and so are the prize pools. The veteran season long player already possesses everything needed to become a profitable daily fantasy football player, and with our draft kits you have nothing to worry about. Our draft kits will narrow down the player pool so you can focus on drafting the best daily fantasy football team possible. We’ll also point out the best places to play and all the amazing promotions sites will be offering all season long!

Our DFR Insider provides the in-depth analysis you need to make sure you have the best team in every tournament you enter! It doesn’t matter if you are a season long champion or a well established daily fantasy football player, our football insider has everything you need to win tons of cash! Our experts provide you with detailed draft kits for each of the major sites, from must-play studs to super value picks. We have it all! Take advantage of this year’s massive prize pools and promotions with the confidence of the DFR Insider!

We know the ins and outs of player pricing on every site. It would take most players countless hours to examine each individual daily fantasy football salary cap, but the DFR Insider experts have put in the work to understand each unique salary cap. We will hand pick the best players on each site for you!

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