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Daily Fantasy Podcast #2

In honor of the past month’s award ceremonies, this daily fantasy podcast adds some unofficial media coverage of its own.

Dean and I find ourselves with newly adopted third wheel Dan, and his presence adds an electrifying monotone with on-point references and ever-quippy deadpans. The daily fantasy podcast kicks off with a review of the previous week’s bold predictions, and cliffhangers ranging from the war on drugs to my father watching House of Cards are finally resolved. It was an excellent start to our bold predictions, and hopefully a sign of good things to come.

We then move onto our first sports movie review, where the movies are chosen by Dan and the correlation to sports is rough at best. The first cinematic masterpiece tackled is Teen Wolf starring Michael J. Fox. The flick features a short scene with its namesake dominating a high school basketball game, and after much deliberation we leave the segment having learned many lessons about life, loss, and shooting hoops.

The daily fantasy podcast then slides seamlessly into a riveting review of one of my favorite musical acts, The Beards. Hailing from Australia, this shaggy quartet have released three beard-centric albums over the past five years. For an interesting take on all things beard-related be sure to tune in to the daily fantasy podcast.

Things then take a turn for the nostalgic as we arrive at the “Convenience Stories” segment. I worked in convenience stores for five years before trying my hand at daily fantasy sports, and the occupation is everything the movie “Clerks” billed it as and more. In this particular story I recount one customer’s abuse of Speedway’s customer courtesy policy, and the punchline contains a hilarious twist.

The daily fantasy podcast arrives full circle as we give our bold predictions for the upcoming week. You’ll want to tune in then to find out if our insights come to pass!

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About the Author
CrazyGabey is a daily fantasy basketball, baseball, and football junkie. His beard could draft a better team than you.

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