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Daily Fantasy Podcast #3

There’s no such thing as daily fantasy wrestling, but that doesn’t deter this daily fantasy podcast.

Your favorite heroes find themselves with a litany pressing issues to discuss as episode #3 of our weekly podcast kicks off. Myself and the boys start things the right way with a conversation centered around my wife’s newest obsession. She recently turned her attention to a competition of sorts as a remedy for her Netflix binge-watching ways, and you’ll never guess where she’s found her newest refuge.

Things then pick up as we recap last week’s bold predictions. Dan and Dean both have a lot to gloat about, but I (and the Ukraine) were not quite so fortunate. You’ll definitely want to tune in to hear about the hammer and the host.

The daily fantasy podcast takes a turn to the sports world as Dan delivers a riveting review of a cinematic classic — The Wrestler. Dan and Dean shower me with contempt as a result of my movie-watching ineptness, and I’ll have a mountain of work in order to gain acceptance from these two film buffs. Scratch that, film snobs.

It’s then time for another edition of Convenience Stories, and I tell the tale of love unrequited. Well, something like that. Dean and Dan both hang their heads in shame at my lack of youthful ambition, and then grill me on the matter.

We then move over to the realm of hypotheticals as Dean poses a series of outlandish questions to Dan and I. The situation eventually boils down to what a person would or would not do for money, and the scruples of one or two hosts may just shock you.

We close out the daily fantasy podcast with our bold predictions for the upcoming week, and trust me, you’ll want to come back and see how they pan out.

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About the Author
CrazyGabey is a daily fantasy basketball, baseball, and football junkie. His beard could draft a better team than you.

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