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Daily Fantasy Podcast #4

This week’s daily fantasy podcast finds us us taking on a major Hollywood blockbuster.

The daily fantasy podcast begins with us recapping my wife’s ‘The Voice’ viewing experiences. I tried unsuccessfully to have her on the podcast, but she ultimately refused. The crew is disappointed, but the show must go on!

We then move into recapping our bold predictions from the previous daily fantasy podcast, and success abounds in the two ironclad predictions. When it comes to Dean regaining his honor though, he’s more than skeptical that it was even an issue to begin with.

money_ballNext we tackle Dan’s movie review for the week, ‘Moneyball.’ We debate the merits of Brad Pitt’s necessity in the starring role, eventually agreeing to disagree on whether or not his presence was the driving force behind the movie’s popularity. Myself and Dan feel the story alone could have sold the movie, while Dean believes it was Pitt’s name that contributed to its commercial success.

It’s then time for another edition of ‘Convenience Stories’, and out tale finds us on third shift working alongside Big Black Bruce. The harrowing fable revolves around one happy-go-lucky hobo, and I won’t spoil the surprise ending for you.

Next up, Dean and I debate which NBA players are the alpha male on their respective teams, during a segment called ‘Whose Team is it Anyways?’ As usual Dean and I strongly disagree on various items, and once again we’re left with a clear consensus as we move along.

Dean then offers up a varying range of hypotheticals for us to explore, and they’re March Madness themed to keep in suite with the spirit of the season.

Lastly we carry the podcast out with our fresh round of bold predictions, and I think there are a few that just might surprise you!

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About the Author
CrazyGabey is a daily fantasy basketball, baseball, and football junkie. His beard could draft a better team than you.

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