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DraftDay fantasy football provides a fresh new take on the daily fantasy football scene.

DraftDay-3x250-NFLAs players we love our large guaranteed prize pool tournaments. There is nothing in all of daily fantasy sports more thrilling than pacing a huge field and watching the games come to a close as you lead the pack. The huge payday feels great, and you are supremely satisfied with your drafting skills. Winning a large tournament is hard though, as it requires picking a near-perfect combination of players each and every night. DraftDay still offers those types of contests, but they also feature an exciting new way to enjoy DraftDay fantasy football every weekend — the head-to-head bracket battle.

Head-to-head brackets at DraftDay fantasy football work a lot like the NCAA March Madness brackets in that you only need to pick well enough to beat the player in front of you. It of course helps to score as highly as possible, but unlike its large field counterparts you are rewarded for taking less risks and making solid lineups filled with stellar mid-range options. Safety and upside perfectly blended are the key, and the DFR Insider draft kits take into account the unique nature of the bracket battle tournaments available for DraftDay fantasy football. Your lineups will be safey insured and chockful of high upside, mid-range players.

The DraftDay Fantasy Football Bracket Blitz is a huge guaranteed prize pool tournament series that plays out over multiple weeks. There are two buy-in levels, $11 and $255, and they offer $10,000 and $20,000 to first place respectively. The tournament kicks off this upcoming weekend, and you’ll want to max out your entries to take advantage of the expected overlay. Use the DFR Insider draft kits with top plays tailor made for head-to-head bracket battles and gain a massive edge over your competition in DraftDay fantasy football

DraftDay Fantasy Football Draft Kit: Divisional Round

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