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DraftDay Review: Built by online poker pros this site is perfect for new players & high volume players!

DraftDay Review

Taylor Caby DraftDay Founder

DraftDay is brought to you by former professional poker players. They offer a rich user experience sporting one of the best team building and contest scoring interfaces in the daily fantasy sports industry.

Let’s get into the DraftDay Review.

Cashier – DraftDay’s cashier allows you to deposit via Paypal and the standard array of credit card options with a $10 minimum. Cashing out is relatively fast with a 2-3 day turnaround. While this is a bit slower than some of the other sites you can be 100% confident that you’ll receive your money and it won’t take much longer than that.

Rake – DraftDay adheres to the industry standard 10% rake with slightly less when you’re playing higher stakes.

Customer Service – The customer service at DraftDay is friendly and helpful. You can often find them in their chat box mitigating the pant-wetting adolescent element that loiters like it was free nachos day at 7-11. You can also reach them via email and bypass subjecting yourself to such things.

– The software that DraftDay wields is mighty like the sword of Conan the Barbarian. The lobby could be less busy, but once you get to the team building portion it’s a pleasant experience ripe with the best player stats & information compiled at your fingertips. So much so that you’ll often find yourself referencing players on DraftDay when you’re building fantasy teams on other sites. Their live scoring during contests is unmatched and I can’t get enough of the flashing green lights you see when your player’s score increases!

– The pricing is competitive at DraftDay and while you’ll catch them slipping on occasion with a sneaky value play or an obvious pick that most players will take, they pride themselves on providing a challenging experience.

Scoring – DraftDay recently updated their NBA scoring to resemble a more popular format among daily fantasy sports players. They give your team a bonus point for three point shots, but they take away .25 for a missed field goal and .25 for a missed free throw.

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