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DraftKings Freerolls

DraftKings takes a different approach than most fantasy sites to their daily fantasy freerolls. Instead of paying out in free money they pay out in “Step” tickets. You can use the step tickets to enter contests which lead to higher stakes contests which eventually lead to up to $1,000 in cash pay outs. This is a great format, and these contests are not sport specific. If you get lucky and win a ticket in daily fantasy hockey, but you’re better at daily fantasy basketball, you can use your Step ticket for those games. This is a creative and innovative approach to daily fantasy freerolls that shines through in their cash contests as well. DraftKings also had some great promotional freerolls during the NFL season which we will review below.

Football: During the NFL season DraftKings had a $1,000 weekly freeroll for all the daily fantasy football players, and we’ll bring you an update here when it’s closer to the fantasy football season as we expect them to continue this trend.

Baseball: With baseball season approaching us quickly we hope that DraftKings offers some great promos early in the season and we expect them to have some style of Steps freeroll daily.

Basketball: DraftKings offers daily fantasy basketball freerolls with a minimum of $50 in “Step” tickets paid out each day. If you’re not entering a team each day you’re missing out on a chance to build a daily fantasy bankroll with free money! Click here to enter NOW!

Hockey: DraftKings offers daily fantasy hockey Step ticket freerolls. It’s a minimum of $10 in tickets each day, so make sure you’re jumping in these just like the fantasy basketball freerolls.

Golf: They do not offer any Golf games at this time.

Nascar: They do not offer any Nascar games at this time.




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