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DraftStreet Review:  They are considered the best site for competitive play, find out why.

DraftStreet Review

Michael Kibort, Chief Operating Officer

In our DraftStreet Review, learn how Left Tackle LLC (DraftStreets legal name) has been on the front lines of daily fantasy sports since they came on the scene back in 2010. Right from the start their main goal was providing a challenging place for fantasy sports fans to compete. One of the hardest tasks when running a fantasy site with a salary cap is creating the player pricing model. This is the one constant thing that DraftStreet has done since they started. They are the best at player pricing. If you want a site which is always updating the player pricing algorithm, DraftStreet is for you. Players never sit at rock bottom prices, and you will never find that super sleeper pick on 50% of drafted teams. They just do it right!

If we compare the daily fantasy sports industry to the cold war, focusing on the constant escalation of prize pools then DraftStreet is the British (no offense Duel). While other sites continue to try and outdo each other on a weekly basis, DraftStreet is continuing to grow at a steady rate. They have amazing traffic everyday, and if you are looking at playing sit’n’gos or heads-up matches this is the place for you! Some interesting news which broke in the 2nd quarter of 2013 was the investment from IAC/InteractiveCorp. The details on the investment remain unknown, however only good things can come from such a company getting involved in daily fantasy sports. For those lacking background on IAC they own over 50 brands across 40 countries,,, etc. Click here to read more about IAC.

Let’s get into the DraftStreet Review.

Cashier – DraftStreet‘s cashier allows you to deposit via Paypal and the standard array of credit card options. Cashing out is quick and easy via Paypal or check.

Rake – DraftStreet‘s rake schedule is reasonable and below average at around 9%, save for their $2 10-man contests weighing in at a whopping 15%. If you avoid those games you’ll be doing just fine.

Customer Service – The customer service at DraftStreet keeps things professional while still being personable. They come equipped with phone, chat, and email support for your problem solving pleasure.

Interface – DraftStreet‘s software was recently updated, but still looks and functions like something you’d find in the 90′s. The “draft” room pops out in an unnecessary window, and the player selection filters are clunky. The game selection filters are poorly designed as well. While we can applaud the sentiment of their upgrades they have a lot of room to improve.

Salary – DraftStreet‘s pricing tends to jump the gun a lot. While it’s common for daily fantasy sports sites to be a little behind in keeping up with current trends, DraftStreet treats their pricing like a chainsaw going after a whack-a-mole in a mall arcade. Any slight movement in fantasy points production and a player’s salary gets a one way trip to the milky way. It can make for a challenge when building fantasy teams.

Scoring – The scoring at DraftStreet is actually pretty sweet. It’s balanced and creative from fantasy sport to fantasy sport and my favorite part about the site overall.

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