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FanDuel Freerolls

FanDuel has the biggest player base in the daily fantasy industry so you would expect them to have the biggest daily fantasy freerolls. They currently offer weekly depositor freerolls only. They did recently secure another $11,000,000 in investments so that might change, but at the time of this review we have no news of upcoming daily fantasy freerolls.

Football: No freerolls at this time.

Baseball: No freerolls at this time.

Basketball: No freerolls at this time.

Hockey: No freerolls at this time.

Golf: They do not offer any Golf games at this time.

Nascar: They do not offer any Nascar games at this time.

Fanduel does have $100 fantasy sports freerolls for weekly depositors.

Another way Fanduel offers fantasy freerolls to its active player base is through their frequent player rewards program. They offer fantasy freerolls for their players in the Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. We were not provided with any other details, so we can not comment on the size of their prize pools.

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