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This is the site leading the charge to mainstream fantasy sports players, find out why in this FanDuel review.

Fanduel Review

Nigel Eccles- Co-founder and CEO

FanDuel Review: They are the biggest daily fantasy sports site in the industry and they’re showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. FanDuel was founded by the minds behind HubDub, a web-based market prediction game back in July 2009. They started with 5 co-founders, with Nigel Eccles being the most visible and the face of the brand. Nigel has an online gaming background from his days at BetFair, and also boasts a media foundation as well. They recently secured another $11,000,000 investment to grow their brand. The 2013 year has been one in which FanDuel has kicked up the process of taking their brand mainstream. If you watch any of the 24 hour sports TV channels chances are you have seen their advertisements. This is great for the daily fantasy sports industry and also great for you the player! 2013 has also has seen a massive increase in end of season tournaments for ALL the sports they offer. Fantasy Football this year sports a $3,000,000 guaranteed contest, paying the winner $1,000,000! And the winner also gets a flight home on the FanDuel private jet!

Lets get into our FanDuel review.

Cashier – FanDuel’s cashier allows you to deposit via Paypal and the standard array of credit card options. Cashing out is quick and hassle-free, and withdrawals are usually processed within 24 hours.

Rake – Industry standard rake applies here, which is 10% of the game’s buy-in until you reach higher stakes.

Customer Service – The live chat at FanDuel is usually bumping at all hours of the day, and often has customer service representatives ready to help you. Couple this fact with email support and you’ll have no issue getting your problems solved and questions answered in a fast, professional manner. These guys are daily fantasy sports enthusiasts themselves, and it shows.

Interface – FanDuel’s interface is clean and easy to use. They could offer more player information to reference when you’re building your teams in their game log, like including player split stats for example, but it’s sufficient otherwise.

Salary – The player salaries at FanDuel are capped at $9900, which is 16.5% of the salary cap. This makes it a bit easier to get studs like LeBron James and Kevin Durant in your daily fantasy basketball team. They’re a little slow with updates, but not so slow that it ruins the games.

Scoring – Industry standard with minimal points taken away.

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