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Fantasy Basketball Podcast With InsiderFantasy1

Which site should you choose?

Which site should you choose?

This fantasy basketball podcast will help you choose which daily fantasy basketball site you should be playing on!

There are a plethora of options available to daily fantasy basketball players, and choosing the correct site for your play can be just as critical as choosing the correct players in your daily fantasy basketball lineups! Joining CrazyGabey on this daily fantasy basketball podcast is Chris “InsiderFantasy1” Kay. Chris is the owner of InsiderFantasy, and his work is also featured at LuDawgs. He’s a beloved and respected member of the daily fantasy sports community, and someone who has been around the block. He’s spent many hours playing on each of the major sites in the daily fantasy basketball industry. Let Gabey and Chris help you choose which fantasy basketball site is right for your style with this fantasy basketball podcast!

The fantasy basketball podcast starts off with a detailed look at FanDuel fantasy basketball. It’s an extremely large site, and in terms of sheer numbers, it is the frontrunner in the industry. Their non-customizable options may not appeal to the seasoned fantasy veteran, but they offer the chance to play against the widest range of skill levels. Both experts agree that DraftKings fantasy basketball offers a more comprehensive experience, but also features a higher concentration of skilled players. DraftStreet meets somewhere in the middle, and offers a unique qualifier that from time-to-time makes it an extremely profitable site to target for daily fantasy basketball. DraftDay fantasy basketball is next up on the docket, and the two agree that it earns its stripes by offering the most varied and creative selection of games for players to choose from. FanThrowdown is the newest site of the bunch, but they’ve made major strides in the past few months to not only address player concerns, but also to increase their legitimacy in the industry. They are quickly becoming a fan favorite. Rounding out the fantasy basketball podcast is StarStreet fantasy basketball. It’s creatively helmed by top daily fantasy minds, and it shows in the site’s clean, easy to use interface that allows players to enter multiple lineups quickly.

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CrazyGabey is a daily fantasy basketball, baseball, and football junkie. His beard could draft a better team than you.

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