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Fantasy Basketball Podcast With Loughy_D

winnerNever choose the wrong players again by listening to this daily fantasy basketball podcast!

In this daily fantasy basketball podcast, Dave “Loughy_D” Loughran and I discuss the differences between cash game plays and large tournament plays. Before we touch on the subject matter though, let’s examine the differences between the two types of contests.

A cash game is a type of contest where roughly half the field of eligible participants win cash. These range from double-up games to head-to-head type matches. These contests are universally safer than other types of games, because even with a mediocre team you still have a chance to defeat your opponent(s).

A large tournament, or guaranteed prize pool (GPP), is a contest where the prize is determined before it fills up. That prize is guaranteed whether the contest fills to capacity or not. These tournaments generally pay out to the top 5-20% of participants, and that makes the risk much more volatile than in other contest types.

In cash game style contests, the safest plays are generally the most desirable. You are only trying to beat one opponent, or half the field, and this means you can target players with high floors. A high floor means that even with a sub-par performance, a player will generally score a decent amount of fantasy points. These players are easy to identify, as their nightly point totals generally do not deviate much from evening to evening.

In a large tournament, it is often necessary to cash in a “lottery ticket” or two. What this means is drafting a player who could very easily score a miserable fantasy point total, but could also score a large amount of fantasy points as well. These players are also easy to identify by viewing game logs.

In order to win different kinds of contests with regularity, you’ll need to identify which types of players to target. Use this daily fantasy basketball podcast to help you accomplish that goal.

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