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Fantasy Basketball Podcast With LoughyD333

You’ve nailed the basics of daily fantasy basketball, now what? This fantasy basketball podcast with CrazyGabey and LoughyD333 will help take your game to the next level!

fantasy basketball podcast

You don’t have to study alone! Gabey and Loughy want to teach you advanced fantasy basketball strategy!

Daily Fantasy Radio is back in session, and this edition’s special guest, LoughyD333, is a well respected member of the daily fantasy sports community. His work can be found at TheFakeBasketball and TheFantasyBums, and he’s one of the most accurate and affable voices within the twitterverse.

The boys kick things off with an examination of short slate NBA play. An often-debated topic, Gabey and Loughy eventually settle on the same opinion when it comes to profiting on these tricky evenings. You can make cash, but you’ll need to take special precautions before releasing your action.

The two then move the fantasy basketball podcast along to discussing the merits of using certain daily fantasy sites’ late swap feature as a tournament weapon. Loughy has a bit of reservation when it comes to Gabey’s namesake approach, but after further discussion the two come to an agreeance on the appropriate circumstances for deploying such a bold tactic. One thing is for certain — there’s money to be made with these advanced tips!

Moving along to the final topic of the fantasy basketball podcast, Gabey offers up the notion of fading fading players. No it’s not a riddle, but actually a carefully thought out strategy for targeting low-owned assets in high-yield tournaments. Once again the two discuss which variables come into play when a skilled player is faced with such a decision, eventually settling on a rough criteria for making the move.

As a bonus while closing out the fantasy basketball podcast, Gabey and Loughy engage in a spirited back and forth espousing the virtues of riding the hot hand on daily fantasy rosters. Hilarity ensues as the two ride the fantasy basketball podcast into the sunset.

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CrazyGabey is a daily fantasy basketball, baseball, and football junkie. His beard could draft a better team than you.

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