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Fantasy Basketball Strategy With Naapstermaan

fantasy basketball strategy

Want your daily fantasy bankroll to look like this? Listen to naapstermaan’s secrets!

Learn daily fantasy basketball strategy from DFS legend naapstermaan!

One of daily fantasy sports hottest names, naapstermaan has crushed large tournaments across the board with his unique and methodical approach to mastering daily fantasy basketball strategy. He won last year’s Bankshot at DraftKings, and has placed at the top of daily fantasy basketball tournaments on many sites. If you want to learn the tricks of the trade that will vault you into daily fantasy basketball dominance then this fantasy basketball strategy podcast with naapstermaan is for you!

Remember, you can use the skills you learn in this podcast together with the DFR Insider daily fantasy basketball draft kits. The draft kits will help you hone your daily fantasy basketball skills. Never miss out on the top players again!

CrazyGabey talks with naapstermaan about daily fantasy basketball strategy when it comes to managing your bankrolls for large tournaments. One of the biggest problems facing many daily fantasy basketball players is going broke. One of the ways to mitigate this is by playing head-to-head and double-up games on the side to fund your bankroll while taking large shots. This theory as necessity is debunked by naapstermaan though, as he explains how by only playing in large tournaments he is able to keep his daily fantasy basketball bankroll healthy and profitable! Want to take shots in daily fantasy basketball tournaments that pay for themselves? Learn how to do it from the best!

We also get an inside look at how naapstermaan goes about selecting his players for a large tournament, learning that diversifying your picks is the best way to ensure your bankroll doesn’t fall victim to a single unfortunate circumstance. This daily fantasy basketball strategy is truly a must-listen, as naapstermaan reveals what kind of players he specifically targets when gearing up to play in a big daily fantasy basketball tournament.

You’ll also learn how to effectively look for bankroll-boosting opportunities in qualifier tournaments, as naapstermaan espouses the virtue of loading up on tickets for large daily fantasy basketball tournaments you’re looking to enter! This is daily fantasy basketball strategy you can’t afford to miss!

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