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Fantasy Basketball Strategy With TraderX

fantasy basketball strategy

New to daily fantasy basketball? TraderX is here to help.

New to daily fantasy basketball strategy? Yearly fantasy basketball expert TraderX wants to help you avoid rookie mistakes!

Nick “TraderX” Raducanu is a popular voice in the fantasy sports community. He’s gained respect, as well as a tremendous following by consistently providing accurate fantasy sports predictions and advice. As helpful as he is friendly, Nick takes aim at common rookie mistakes that players make when transitioning from yearly fantasy basketball to its daily counterpart. If you’re looking to sharpen your edge when it comes to daily fantasy basketball strategy then this podcast is for you!

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Nick dives right in and holds nothing back as he discusses the common mistakes that yearly fantasy basketball players make during the transition to daily fantasy basketball. He talks a lot about holding onto valuations of daily fantasy basketball players, and how not allowing your opinion to ebb and flow throughout the season can make for losing daily fantasy basketball strategy. Falling in love with or swearing off players has no place in daily fantasy basketball contests he says, as the player who is overpriced and performing poorly one week may be the value play that holds your lineup together the next.

He also offers up his advice on bankroll management for newer players, revealing the unexciting truth that losing a little at the beginning of your daily fantasy basketball career is necessary as you learn the ropes of the new format. He does offer up a word of caution in that regard though, urging players to avoid investing meaningful sums of money until they feel confident in their daily fantasy basketball strategy. It’s truly a comprehensive primer for the daily fantasy basketball initiate — and one that all daily fantasy basketball players can stand to learn a thing or two from.

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