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Fantasy Football Review – Season Leagues vs Daily Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football Review – Seasonal Leagues vs. Daily Fantasy Football

So, you play fantasy football- do you play daily or seasonal leagues? You probably play seasonal fantasy football leagues. What’s your favorite part about them? The draft, right? Daily fantasy football has that each day. The live scoring maybe? Daily has that too. How about this: what’s the worst part about seasonal fantasy leagues? Waiting all year to get paid! That sucks.

Playing daily fantasy football gets you paid every night that you win. You can draft a new team every day. It’s a lot easier to play daily fantasy football because you aren’t stuck micro-managing your team when you’re busy with real life. You can easily skip playing on any night with no negative consequences. That means your spouse or kids aren’t going to be mad because you’re trying to grab someone off the waiver wire. That means if a player on your team turns out to be garbage, you aren’t stuck trying to get rid of him. You get to start over with a new team the very next day.

There are tons of ways to learn how to play daily fantasy football, and you can even win some free money by signing up through one of our links and playing in daily fantasy freerolls. We also have a live radio show five nights a week at 5PM EST with expert picks and strategy to speed up your learning curve. Daily fantasy football is available in mobile or apps formats through some daily fantasy sites. The bulk majority of people who play seasonal fantasy football leagues simply haven’t heard of daily fantasy football. Now you have! We’ve all had a VHS player at some point, right? Now what do we have? That’s right: DVD players! You get the point. Why are you still playing that VHS-quality fantasy football league when you can upgrade to DVD-quality daily fantasy football?

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Christopher Leather comes from a poker background and brings his analytical skills to the table for daily fantasy strategy. Obsessed with thinking critically about variables and extracted information, follow his descent into madness as his brain pot overflows and spills out into his articles.

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