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FantasyFeud Freerolls

FantasyFeud has some great daily fantasy freerolls for you to play to get an idea of what the site is like before making a deposit. You can read our daily fantasy review of FantasyFeud here to get a better idea of what you can expect on the site.

Football: Each week during fantasy football season they offer a $500 NFL daily fantasy freeroll.

Baseball: Every night during the fantasy baseball season they offer a $25 daily fantasy freeroll, click here to start drafting now.

Basketball: Every Friday night FantasyFeud runs a fantasy basketball daily fantasy freeroll for $100 which you can find here.

Hockey: Saturday is a huge day for fantasy hockey, FantasyFeud offers a $100 NHL daily fantasy freeroll they call the Brawl. Click here to enter.

Golf: They do not offer any fantasy Golf games at this time.

Nascar: They do not offer any fantasy racing games at this time.

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