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FantasyFeud Review

FantasyFeud is exactly what the survey said when asked about where we should play daily fantasy sports! Yes, that is a Family Feud joke. I’m old OK?

CashierFantasyFeud‘s cashier allows you to deposit via Paypal and the standard array of credit card options you expect. Making a withdrawal is quick and easy via Paypal or check. A check usually takes around 10 days to reach you.

RakeFantasyFeud‘s rake is the industry standard 10% which trickles down as you move up in stakes. Seems like there’s an opportunity among these sites for someone to step up and lower their rake at lower stakes to attract more customers.

Customer Service – Between a 1-800 number, email support, and customer service reps hanging out in the chat box, you’ll never go hungry for great support on FantasyFeud. All problems are solved in a professional and timely manner.

– Close to the standard with plenty of filters to customize the information you’re interested in seeing in a brightly themed shell. Their interface is colorful and well thought out, providing a pleasant user experience.

FantasyFeud offers a competitive player salary that keeps their games challenging and fun.

– The scoring at FantasyFeud is pretty sweet for the most part. I really dislike their -1 for missed free throws in fantasy basketball, but do like the bonus you get for assists and rebounds. Pay attention to your players free throw % on this site! Below you’ll find an example of their daily fantasy basketball scoring:

Points – 1
Assists – 1.75
Rebounds – 1.25
Steals – 2
Blocks – 2
Turnovers – 1
Missed Free Throws – 1




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CrazyGabey is a daily fantasy basketball, baseball, and football junkie. His beard could draft a better team than you.

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