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Five Guys No Burgers And Fries – NBA Daily Fantasy Strategy 1-23-13

Welcome to Five Guys No Burgers And Fries: NBA Daily Fantasy Strategy.

In this article we’ll be examining NBA daily fantasy strategy by discussing five players that have an excellent chance of performing well this evening.

Kemba Walker- Walker has been a behemoth among men his past three outings, culminating in a career-best 35 points against Houston two days ago. He’s at home again tonight where he plays noticeably better and will look to lock in on a sweet matchup with the Hawks and their tired back court. Point guards have routinely had huge nights this season against Jeff Teague and company, and something tells me it’s Kemba’s turn.

NBA Daily FantasyShannon Brown- Brown comes into tonight’s contest on a mini-tear, reclaiming some of the playing time and opportunity he had lost when falling out of former coach Alvin Gentry’s rotation. The Kings have been porous against shooting guards lately, and given the frenetic hodgepodge this game is likely to degenerate into, there should be a plethora of daily fantasy goodness to go around. Brown should be priced well below most of the high end options tonight as well.

James Harden- Harden is still struggling with his shot from the field, but his immense talent has been concealing it quite handily with stat lines chock full of daily fantasy treasure, like last contest’s 20+ made free throws. Tonight the Rockets will take on the Nuggets in what is currently sitting at a ridiculous 217 point over/under. The pace should be furious, which suits Harden’s game just fine.

Ivan Johnson- Any time a player draws a matchup with Charlotte, daily fantasy players should take notice. They should especially take notice when a high upside, athletic bruiser like Johnson steps in for an injury-riddled Hawks front court. The Bobcats have been sporting some of the worst interior defense in the NBA for two seasons now, and Ivan’s bargain bin price tag will allow you to play as many studs as you can handle.

Danilo Gallinari- If you begin noticing a trend in these articles, it’s because taking advantage of a specific matchup is paramount to daily fantasy success. Gallinari enters tonight’s contest red hot, having gone for 15 points or more in 8 of his last 10 games. As we discussed above, there should be plenty of shots and garbage basketball to go around for everyone, and Gallo’s price tag has been weighed down by two recent poor overall performances. I look for him to right that ship tonight.

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