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Five Guys No Burgers And Fries – NBA Daily Fantasy Strategy 1-24-13

Welcome to Five Guys No Burgers And Fries: NBA Daily Fantasy Strategy. In this article we’ll be examining NBA daily fantasy strategy by discussing five players that have an excellent chance of performing well this evening.

Blake Griffin- Griffin has commandeered the Clippers’ skiff since Chris Paul took an arrow to the knee, posting some of his best lines of the season in his absence. The Phoenix Suns come in with a woeful interior defense, and Blake Griffin will be looking to put someone on SportsCenter’s top 10 tomorrow morning.

NBA Daily FantasyRajon Rondo- Rondo has always performed well against the Knicks, who are currently sitting on a myriad of weapons at the point guard position. The only problem is that all of them are either too slow or returning from injury. These aren’t ideal conditions for checking the speedy Rondo, and I have a feeling that Rajon continues his New York domination in a big way in prime time tonight.

J.J. Redick- Redick’s recent promotion into the starting lineup didn’t really make too many waves. The Magic are still only handing out heavy minutes to their main five players, and even off the bench J.J. was seeing a healthy dose of court action each evening. It is worth noting the enhanced swagger he seemed to be drawing from last game, as he was pinpoint with his deadly trey-atrics. Toronto is weak in regards to perimeter defense, so look for Redick to light it up again tonight if he gets hot early.

Paul Pierce- Pierce is another Celtic who’s set New York on fire in recent years, and he also comes in ready to expose one of the Knicks most glaring weaknesses; their perimeter defense. He dropped 23 points in their last meeting, and that was without Rondo feeding him open three point looks. With the full ensemble available for both teams tonight, I still believe it’s Pierce who has the greatest chance of spoiling New York’s evening.

Eric Bledsoe- Chris Paul is back to the bench, and that means Bledsoe is back at it again. He’s coming off a few games in which he resumed his reserve role, but all that means is that his price is still extremely affordable. Phoenix doesn’t exactly inspire fear in the hearts of opposing offenses, and I think it’s safe to assume he’ll hit value on any site you play.

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