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Five Guys No Burgers And Fries – NBA Daily Fantasy Strategy 1-25-13

Welcome to Five Guys No Burgers And Fries: NBA Daily Fantasy Strategy. In this article we’ll be examining NBA daily fantasy strategy by discussing five players that have an excellent chance of performing well this evening.

Tony Parker- Parker has been the Spurs savior in the two games Tim Duncan has sat out this past week, going off for monster lines in each one. He’s firing off 15-20 shots a game, and will look to expose the weak defense of Darren Collison tonight. The Mavericks have been playing much better since Dirk Nowitzki returned, and that means if the Duncan-less Spurs want a shot they’ll have to lean heavily on the Frenchman.

NBA Daily FantasyJimmy Butler- Luol Deng doesn’t appear to be ready for tonight’s contest, and that’s big news for daily fantasy players. Butler has been leading the team in minutes since Deng went down, assimilating his role almost completely. His production has been staggering for a young man many had not heard of until last week, and against Golden State’s sponge-like perimeter defense he certainly carries the propensity for a huge night.

Josh Smith- After receiving a slap on the wrist for his insubordination, Smoove proceeded to slap Charlotte’s front court across their grills, ala Rick James. Al Horford and Zaza Pachulia may be shelved again tonight, and Boston’s front court has begun to resemble a crumbling necropolis in regards to both its age and stature. Smoove should be locked and loaded on any site that has him on a discount.

Larry Sanders- The ever mercurial big man, Blocktopus Sanders has been giving teams fits this season with his astonishing athleticism. The frustration of his up and down minutes has been somewhat countered by the unparalleled upside he displays when his game comes together. The Cleveland front court is as good a place as any to showcase freakish ability in the paint, and I expect we may see the long arm of Larry more than few times before the night is through.

Tiago Splitter- Like Parker above, Big Daddy Splits has been a beast in the absence of Tim Duncan, picking up more minutes and shouldering a larger load of offensive responsibility. Dallas has shown to be weak at times in the interior, and I expect this to turn into a 4 quarter slugfest with Splitter putting in major work.

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