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Five Guys No Burgers and Fries – NBA Daily Fantasy Strategy 2-1-13

Is that my name right there?

Welcome to Five Guys No Burgers and Fries: NBA Daily Fantasy Strategy. In this article we’ll be examining NBA daily fantasy strategy by discussing five players that have an excellent chance of performing well this evening.

Nikola Vucevic - It was nice hanging out with Glen Davis for a few, but he had to return to being injured real quick so Vucevic is what we’re left with. Without another legitimate interior option, Nikola will likely go back to playing 347 minutes a night and gobbling up every rebound, like Davis will be doing Tasty Cakes while he’s sidelined. Look for him to excel tonight against a depleted Boston front court that just lost newcomer Jared Sullinger to season-ending back surgery.

Nikola Pekovic - This is the mad Russian edition of 5 Guys, and here we have another case of simple math; The Los Angeles Lakers – Dwight Howard = Field Day for Opposing Bigs. Pekovic appears to be feeling better after a solid outing in his first game back, and he should have no problem dispatching the listless Lakers interior.

Jeff Green - With an injury riddled matchup like Orlando at Boston, you’re really looking for the warm bodies that will log all the court time. Green fits that description, with the Sully-less Celtics scrambling to fill out a position that was already a huge question mark. Orlando is equally atrocious, and with a rotating cast of D-Leaguers filling in at power forward, it should pave the way for Green to have a strong night with 30+minutes being likely.

Jrue Holiday - If you have to ask, you’ll never know.

Danilo Gallinari - The One Direction alternate has been doing two things well lately; applying hair product and dropping treys. The latter will help you tonight, while the former will certainly enhance your viewing experience. Gallo draws a solid matchup, and should have no problem continuing his torrid pace with a Denver squad that constantly dictates an up-tempo pace against the opposition.

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