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What do I get by becoming an Insider? 

The DFR Insider team of experts work relentlessly every day, gathering information and examining data in order to make the best possible daily fantasy sports player picks. The daily fantasy sports drafts kits are laid out in an extremely easy to use format, and unlike other sites we allow you the ability to customize your lineup according to personal taste. We are not selling lineups, we are selling the players we ourselves are using each night across the industry.

By becoming a VIP Insider you’ll gain access to our exclusive daily VIP CHAT. Everyday we post a Draft Kit you can find our Experts chatting about last minute scratches and other Insider news. VIP Insider’s also gain exclusive access to our weekly podcast (coming soon) where daily fantasy expert CrazyGabey teaches you the ropes of becoming a successful daily fantasy sports player.

We aim to teach you how to fish. Most of all, becoming a DFR Insider will give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your nightly lineups will rise and fall with some of the industry’s most successful players.

Who is providing the picks?

The current lineup of DFR Insider experts consists of CrazyGabey (NFL & NBA), Dean78904 (MLB), and Dooger (NHL). Al three are highly respected members of the daily fantasy sports community, and have a long track record of successfully predicting daily fantasy sports trends.

How much does it cost?

Starting at only $9.99 per month for each sport it’s extremely affordable! For less than a dollar per day you can ensure you’re lineups filled to the brim with the top values and experts sleepers.

That’s not all though! If you hold a subscription to one sport you’ll receive an exclusive discount on each subsequent subscription you purchase.

Over the course of using the DFR Insider daily fantasy sports draft kits we believe you’ll become an expert yourself as you learn to identify trends, assess real value among player pools, and most of all, make winning a habit!