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Justin’s Journey Week 12

Justin quickly realized that his players doing well would actually hurt his lineups.

Justin quickly realized that his players doing well would actually hurt his lineups.

This past week started quickly, but with a conflict of interest for my daily fantasy football teams.

I started off shooting up the leaderboard in the 50K Hail Mary on DraftKings, only to slowly fall when all of my players finished around 7:30/EST. As of Monday afternoon, I was still in the money, anticipating that I would cash, and finish off a strong week. Lo and behold, one of my favorite QB plays of the week, Colin Kaepernick, who I had in around 40% of my lineups, was the main reason for my demise on Monday Night Football. He boosted a few of my double up matches, pushing me into the upper half, but at the same time, he bumped me out of the money by just a few points in my daily fantasy football lineups that didn’t feature him. At the end of the day, I realized that I couldn’t have it all. I did end up winning all but one of my double-ups, and didn’t play any head-to-heads this week. Overall, it was a solid week, but a cash in the Hail Mary would have been a great cap. ┬áSome hits and misses for me this week: I had Jamaal Charles on the majority of my teams, and he certainly did not disappoint. I relied far too much on Victor Cruz, using him in every lineup as my top WR play, and also the most expensive. If anyone has seen Jerricho Cotchery, can you let him know that he made me look like an asshole this week? I only saw part of the game, but I’m pretty sure that Antonio Brown was wearing 86 AND 89. Chris Ogbonnaya was a cheap play that I inserted late, but the Browns/Steelers game looked more like it has in recent years than I expected. The Brownies looked lost, and Ogbonnaya was hardly relevant at all in their stagnant offense. Coby Fleener was a nice play, mostly as a result of his late, meaningless score in what was the abomination that the Colts called a football game. Coming into this week, I thought the Jets were the most Jekyll and Hyde team, but it is becoming more evident that the Colts now hold that distinction. They have looked just plain awful in all aspects of the game recently. This is a team that many considered to be a legitimate threat in the AFC. Well, I can say with certainty that I’m not only off the bandwagon, but running as far away as I can. Andrew Luck may be poised at the end of games, but he looks like Joe Flacco (non-2012 playoffs) for at least two quarters each week.

I’m proud to say that I didn’t play a single daily fantasy football lineup that bombed this week, which is something I’ve never been able to say with a straight face. I went with a lot of safe daily fantasy football plays. Even with the ghosts that were Victor Cruz and Jerricho Cotchery I was still able to keep my head above water. I did manage to procure a $109 Millionaire Grand Final Qualifier ticket this week from referrals, so I’ll be focusing on taking advantage of that opportunity, and looking forward for the potential to play for $1 Million. Stay tuned for more daily fantasy football misery.

There are a lot of good daily fantasy football options this week, and that is what scares me. I’ll focus on finding the safest daily fantasy football plays with high upside, and hope to get a little but lucky in the process. Here we go.

QB- Josh McCown. Minnesota’s defense is just plain awful. I know this isn’t groundbreaking news for anyone, but I can’t say it enough. I’m playing any QB facing the Vikings for as long as I live, or at least until the end of the season. McCown has been tremendous since taking over for Jay Cutler. Not a ton of upside, but a solid play that should score you a solid 17-20 points at a reduced tag.

QB- Carson Palmer. I hate the guy, I really do, but Philly’s defense isn’t scaring anyone. Palmer has the Cardinals in position to make a run at the postseason to boot. He is starting to gel nicely with his receivers, and I look for him to have a big game this week.

RB- Chris Johnson. Last time out, CJ2K had his way with the Colts “defense” to the tune of 2 scores in the first half before being basically removed from the offensive gameplan in the second. A puzzling decision to say the least, but anyone can see that CJ2K has a significant advantage over this Colts front seven.

RB- Matt Forte. Forte (assuming he is healthy) will be my top play this week. Eddie Lacy destroyed this defense last week, and Forte is a different kind of monster. Any questions, just refer back to McCown, Josh.

WR- Josh Gordon. He just goes out and gets it. Plain and simple. He may be the only Browns player in my lifetime who can produce by himself, which is not an easy task for a WR. He should be a popular play around the industry this week, and I won’t be one of the few who are missing out.

WR- Michael Floyd. He is becoming the most reliable target in this offense, because Larry Fitzgerald is often double-covered. Floyd has broken the century mark in back-to-back weeks, and we all know the Cardinals don’t like running the ball. When at all possible, they throw. And when they are done throwing, they throw some more. Floyd should see plenty of targets this week.

TE- Rob Gronkowski. Gronk is truly a man among boys when he gets the ball, as made evident by him dragging three defenders into the end zone two weeks back. Brady is finally rounding into his old form with all of his targets back and healthy, and Gronk is his biggest weapon.

TE- Coby Fleener. As I alluded to earlier, I don’t trust Andrew Luck. At all. But I do trust Fleener to get his. He is a terrific talent, and he mauled this secondary two weeks ago during his coming out party to the tune of 8 catches for 107 yards.

D/ST- Dolphins. We’ve all seen what Geno Smith is capable of. I’m just not sure what it is. The Dolphins should eat him alive this week.

Good luck. Hopefully I’ll be playing some of you for that cool million in a few weeks.

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Justin was born to play fantasy sports. He may or may not be half man, half machine. Adrian Peterson thanks him daily for the privilege of being on his team.

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