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Justin’s Journey Week 14-15

daily fantasy football

Justin is conjuring up some fantasy football black magic.

The past week has been a blur of daily fantasy football lineups, strategies, and matchups.

Not only for this week, but for the daily fantasy football Millionaire Grand Final in two weeks on DraftKings. Aside from being that schmuck that buys a few Mega Millions tickets when the jackpot gets to a certain point or playing a slot machine in Las Vegas with a $1 million jackpot (supposedly), I’ve never had a chance to win that kind of money. I’m not going to say I’m obsessing about it, but it’s hard to think about many other things outside of the tournament aside from my family and eating. Needless to say, this week’s lineups were ones that I spent a little less time on, because I’ve been doing my best to attempt to forecast the future. And not in the way that a weatherman “forecasts” and is wrong 61% of the time. The way that Nostradamus forecasted. Because Nostradamus was and still is a fuckin’ winner.

Anyways, moving on to my Week 14 recap. This was a week that I could have dominated, given a few bounces the other way. CJ Spiller was a daily fantasy football target that I had all over the place, and he was basically a ghost for the entire afternoon before he erupted for an 83 yard score!!! Oh wait, it got called back. Nevermind. Spiller was a bust. Rob Gronkowski had an incredible matchup against the Browns, but shredded his knee during the game and was also a letdown. I hesitate to use the word “bust” for him, because it might be a little insensitive. Too soon, Pats fans? By the way, are you proud of yourself, Roger Goodell? The dictator of the NFL is fully responsible for every torn ACL from now until the day he steps down if you ask me. Maybe that’s why he called down to the field to make his mark on the game with a late phantom pass interference call in the end zone which gave the Patriots one last chance at a win. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Terrell Suggs told everyone that our buddy Roger was responsible for the power outage at the Super Bowl. It all must be true, right? One thing I know for sure is that Goodell wasn’t responsible for was Michael Floyd’s uninspiring performance to the tune of two grabs for 26 yards. In spite of some bad calls and misfortune, I did have Josh McCown, Matt Forte and/or Josh Gordon in almost every single lineup. Needless to say, that was just about all that I needed for many of my 50/50 matchups. I even cashed in one GPP with a lineup that included Spiller, Floyd and the Bengals D. Thanks guys. I’m considering changing my name to Josh. Guys named Josh are just winners, and can’t be stopped or replaced….unless your name is Jay. It’s crazy how many of the biggest performers in the NFL over the past few weeks were guys that nobody even wanted to begin the season. The Browns were shopping Josh Gordon, most people weren’t sure which McCown was the backup in Chicago, and Jason Campbell was fortunate to be on an NFL roster. Let’s see what hidden daily fantasy football gems we can find this week.

Justin’s Week 14 Daily Fantasy Football Picks

QB- Jason Campbell vs CHI. Josh Gordon plays wide receiver for the Browns, thus they are now fantasy relevant. Any questions? Campbell should be cheap, and the daily fantasy football matchup is great. This Bears defense doesn’t deserve to wear the great “Bears” name on their jerseys.

QB- Nick Foles @ MIN. It’s hard to ignore what this kid has been doing on the field. Even in awful conditions last week, he managed to put up solid numbers. Even though half of his passes look like lame ducks that a drunk guy is putting up during a tailgate, they also look eerily similar to a certain Manning. (Not Eli). Minnesota is awful. Minnesota is awful. How many times can I say it? I’m playing any quarterback against them in at least one lineup as long as his last name isn’t “Tebow” or “Russell”. On second thought, I’m probably playing those guys too.

RB- Matt Forte @ CLE. Shane Vereen absolutely torched, destroyed, embarrassed, emasculated, and dominated the Browns in the short passing game. Who is the best in the league in the short passing game? Matt Forte. Anything Shane Vereen can do, Forte can do better. Cue the terrible music. Forte should have a great game.

RB- Eddie Lacy @ DAL. See Forte, Matt. The Cowboys as a team are disgraceful. They may have the most talented roster in the NFL top to bottom, and they are just pathetic. Bad ownership, bad coaching, all the way down to the shit that they call a “performance” on the field, because that’s all it is at this point. A bunch of guys dancing around like they are in a Broadway show. It’s embarrassing. Oh, Lacy. He is a game-time-decision, but that doesn’t scare me at this point. If he plays, he puts up big numbers. If he can’t go, I’m looking at James Starks. Or anyone else that may possibly run the ball against Dallas. Ever.

WR- Riley Cooper @ MIN. Minnesota is now missing their top Cornerback. Not that he would have been covering Cooper anyway, but I like Cooper as my best option to catch a few wobbly Foles bombs. He’ll be an asshole while he does it, but he should produce this week at a good price.

WR- Julian Edelman @ MIA. No Rob Gronkowski, no other options, and yes, that includes Danny Amendola. Edelman is the only guy left that Brady trusts. I think he’d even let the guy brush that beautiful mane of his. Just saying. They have a rapport that nobody else on the team can even compare to . Top option in New England this week outside of Shane Vereen, who might also have a huge game. 17 targets last week. Good play if he isn’t too expensive.

TE- Jordan Cameron vs CHI. The only reason I’m not mentioning Flash Gordon on here as well is because it’s just so damn obvious. Never in my life have I endorsed so many Browns players, and I hate myself for it, but this matchup is just too good. Cameron should get his, even if Flash gets slowed down by some stroke of black magic this week. That is just about the only scenario where both guys put up a dud.

TE- Can I just say that although Gronk’s injury hurt me in yearly and daily leagues last week, I think it is actually a blessing in disguise for daily fantasy football players moving forward. If you didn’t pay up for either Gronk or Graham most weeks, you were hoping for a miracle. Now you only have one elite daily fantasy football option to worry about. More focus on the other positions. I love it.

D/ST- Buccaneers vs SF. Yes, it may sound crazy, and the daily fantasy football projections all over the place may disagree, but I don’t care. Projections mean less than zero to me. This team has forced FIFTEEN turnovers in the past 4 weeks. I love this play this week. My favorite in large daily fantasy football tournaments for sure.

D/ST- Carolina vs NYJ. Duh.

There are a lot of great daily fantasy football plays this week, and a lot of money to be made. I look forward to taking advantage of them at every turn during my tune-up week prior to the big tournament. See you next week with another daily fantasy football recap. Good luck.

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Justin was born to play fantasy sports. He may or may not be half man, half machine. Adrian Peterson thanks him daily for the privilege of being on his team.

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