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Justin’s Journey Week 16-17

daily fantasy football

Unfortunately Justin wasn’t able to break the bank this time around.

This past week had the potential to make my season, or to be a major letdown.

For my lineup in┬áthe DraftKings Millionaire Grand Final, I chose to take some risks that could potentially pay off, and vault my team up the leaderboard towards the largest prize pool in daily fantasy football history. As it turns out, the daily fantasy football contrarian plays that I made weren’t the right ones. I paired Matt Schaub with Andre Johnson, and was inches from turning a QB who was only 8.8% owned into a huge daily fantasy football payday. Unfortunately, Matt Schaub was, well, Matt Schaub. He overthrew a wide open Johnson in the end zone in the first half, then Johnson decided to return the favor with a dropped pass in the end zone in the second half. Josh Gordon also dropped back-to-back passes in the end zone for me late in the first half. I thought that my string of bad luck had surely ran its course. No sir. As soon as I broke into the top 300 with DeMarco Murray’s late TD grab, Shane Vereen pulled up with a groin injury and did not return. Neither did my hope for a big daily fantasy football payday. All that I had remaining at that point was Joseph Fauria (who was tackled at the two yard line late in the game), and the Raiders D, who managed 3 turnovers, but couldn’t find a way to cash in on the opportunities. Needless to say, I finished outside of the money, but it was a fun, nerve-racking experience nonetheless. I fought my way into the top 300 just after 4 P.M., and wasn’t officially done for until Vereen was ruled out for the game.

I didn’t play any other daily fantasy football games during this past weekend, as I chose to focus my attention on the big daily fantasy football prize potential. This week is the end of the road for my inaugural season of daily fantasy football, and it was been a hell of a ride. I ┬ábegan the season with no idea what to expect, and ended the season with more football knowledge than I could have anticipated. I not only learned a lot about the industry, but the world of fantasy itself. I considered myself somewhat of a fantasy expert in yearly leagues, but now realize that I am nowhere near that status in the great world of daily fantasy football. I’m working on clawing my way to the top, but it will certainly take some time. I’m going to focus my attention on NBA in the following months, because there is nothing better than daily fantasy games every single day of the week. One last time, for old time’s sake, here are the guys I am looking at this week, hoping to cap off a solid rookie season.

QB- Aaron Rodgers @ CHI. Elite talent at a middle of the road price. I’m not sure how effective he will be coming off of his injury, but at this price, I still trust him in this spot over guys with similar tags such as Andrew Luck and Matthew Stafford. This is a win or go home situation for one of the best in the business. He gets it done in a big way.

RB- LeSean McCoy @DAL. In my mind, Shady is the best all-around back in the league right now. In yet another winner take all scenario, I’m looking at the guys I know I can trust. Chip Kelly must have heard my rants asking for McCoy to get a ton of touches, becuase he is finally becoming the focus on offense again. Good move, Chip.

WR- Jordy Nelson @ CHI. Aaron Rodgers is back, and so is Nelson’s value. This kid has sky-high potential with Rodger’s glorious moustache back on the field. His price tag is ridiculously low for this scenario. I can’t wait to watch this duo back at work this weekend.

TE- Dennis Pitta @ CIN. The Bengals are thin in the secondary, and have struggled against opposing TEs at times this season. Pitt’a price tag is perfect for a lineup that is looking to save cap for firepower elsewhere.

K- Shut up.

D/ST- Patriots vs BUF. As much as I’d love to see the Bills take down the Pats this weekend, Thad Lewis is starting under center. It’s not gonna happen. The Pats defense should be good for a few turnovers and hopefully a score.

Good luck this week, let’s finish it out on top. Hoping to have a solid weekend to fund some future NBA endeavors, seeing as I will be putting my hat into the NBA ring full-time starting next week. It has been a terrific run, and a ton of fun. I’ve enjoyed sharing my daily fantasy football experiences, triumphs, and failures with you.

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Justin was born to play fantasy sports. He may or may not be half man, half machine. Adrian Peterson thanks him daily for the privilege of being on his team.

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