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Learn to Play Daily Fantasy Football – Justin’s Journey

As a fantasy football fanatic I am chomping at the bit for an opportunity to play daily fantasy sports this season and will be explaining how to Learn to Play Daily Fantasy Football on the way!

(editor’s note: Justin “BigItaly42″ is the newest member of the DFR crew. He’s an avid yearly fantasy sports player and will be using the DFR Insider draft kits to learn the ropes of daily fantasy sports.)

Learn to Play Daily Fantasy Football

A typical Sunday for Justin

I have dedicated many years of my life to fantasy football, and just the thought of being able to draft multiple new teams each week for seventeen straight weeks gives me a rush of excitement. I look forward to using the DFR Insider daily fantasy football draft kits to assist me on my trek to the top of the daily fantasy football mountain. In yearly fantasy football, there is only a single chance to draft your team. In daily fantasy football, the entire fantasy football universe is at my fingertips. There are no longer any excuses for a bad draft pick. There are only new beginnings. Each team I draft may be the greatest that mankind has ever seen.

In that sense, the greatest obstacle that I’ll encounter may also be my biggest asset. There is always tomorrow. Using DFR’s fantasy football draft kits will allow me to see all of the information that I could possibly want without spending additional hours researching. The key step that I will take in my quest will be finding strategies that have worked for others in the past and using fantasy football draft kits to exploit these strategies. Name recognition is a big roadblock for some, and I need to make certain that I look at the matchups and statistics rather than the name of the back of the jersey. Adrian Peterson is no longer Adrian Peterson. He is the running back with 120 yards per game against Green Bay in 12 career games. All yearly strategies go out the window when I begin this new adventure. It is time to move forward with a clean slate. This is a new year, and conquering the world of daily fantasy football is my new goal.

Read along with Justin on his journey into How to Learn to Play Daily Fantasy Football below.