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Remove Fantasy Football Kickers

Remove Fantasy Football Kickers

They’re the bane of fantasy football owner’s existence — daily fantasy football kickers.

These random elements of our otherwise kick-ass sport do their best each week to tip the scales in fate’s favor as opposed to leaving outcomes in the hands of the best daily fantasy football owners. They’ll break your heart just when you think you’ve made it through, and the worst part is you have absolutely no control over any of it.

fantasy football kickers

Could kickers end up costing someone $1,000,000?

There’s a reason why the team of experts at the DFR Insider don’t offer up weekly kicker suggestions in our daily fantasy football draft kits. We respect you and the integrity of daily fantasy football too much to engage in such shenanigans.

To be fair, fantasy football kickers are an established institution within the fantasy sports universe. As American as apple pie some may say. Still, those who refuse to adapt with the times eventually damage their own credibility. In an age where daily fantasy football owners are spending more time than ever researching and perfecting their lineups, leaving large amounts of cash hanging in the balance of such an insignificant yet obligatorily influential component of lineups just reeks of misappropriation. How high profile a sum of dinero will have to be influenced before sites decide to stop the insanity?

To answer that question, the inevitable train wreck involving fantasy football kickers could already be on the horizon. With sites like FanDuel, DraftKings, and DraftDay holding large tournaments with massive prize pools it will only be a matter of time before fantasy football kickers randomly take their toll on the top finishers. Just imagine it, the FanDuel Fantasy Football Championship is underway. Player x seemingly has the tournament wrapped up with only the Monday night action left to go. His kicker selection for the week scored an average eight or nine points. No one with a player going is even within 20 fantasy points of him.

Five for five field goals later including two 50+ yard shots and a couple of extra points, and a hot mess has just occurred. The publicity around the event having been soured, everyone slowly realizes that $1,000,000 just changed hands based on an entirely random happenstance.

It needs to stop, and it needs to stop now! Leave your opinion below and let me know how you feel about fantasy football kickers.

Looking for a site without fantasy football kickers? Try DraftStreet, FanThrowdown, or StarStreet today!

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CrazyGabey is a daily fantasy basketball, baseball, and football junkie. His beard could draft a better team than you.

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  1. chukuyute Reply

    Yeah I hear you crazy gabey, but kickers are a part of the game. If kickers are part of NFL, they should be a part of daily fantasy. These are the things we have to take into account with daily fantasy. Also, it goes both ways, I know if it was you way behind and a kicker wins you one million dollars, you would be going bananas. We have to take the good with the bad.

    • Crazy Gabey Reply

      I can definitely respect your stance there. I think you’re coming at it from the point of view of a football purist, and I’m looking at it as a pure gamer. Good stuff :)

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  3. Dooger Reply

    I’m a fan of the kicker. Gives a slight edge to anyone that thinks about it for 20 seconds. Indoor is a plus or anyone on high scoring teams are nice. NO and GB kickers are usually nice since their running game is almost non existent. They get the ball in FG range alot more than other teams aswell

    • Crazy Gabey Reply

      There can be SOME strategy involved for sure, but at the end of the year the stats are so close it’s negligible. I can see your argument though.

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