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Get to the Playboy Mansion with our StarStreet Fantasy Football Draft Kit

StarStreet Fantasy Football

Yes, play Fantasy Football with them! Click the picture to find out more!

Wine, women, and song — StarStreet fantasy football is offering a chance to have it all! With perhaps the most unique twist in all of daily fantasy football, StarStreet fantasy football’s end of season big tournament is hosted at the Playboy mansion! This is a tournament you’ll want to qualify for, but with the entries being so fiercely contested it’s going to be extremely difficult! Qualifiers run each weekend, and if you manage to beat out the rest of the field you’ll grab your chance to play daily fantasy football at the PlayBoy mansion for enormous cash prizes! Let the DFR Insider experts ease your mind with our top expert plays arrived at after countless hours of research and study! We’ve done all the hard work unlocking the secrets held within the StarStreet fantasy football salary cap — now it’s your turn to profit!

The StarStreet fantasy football player experience is one to behold for certain. They don’t have the largest guaranteed prize pools in the industry or the most users, but what they may lack in size they make up for in ease of use. StarStreet fantasy football boasts one of the most intuitive interfaces in all of daily fantasy football, and it makes a great site for someone who is looking to play a lot of volume each and every weekend. Speaking of playing volume, how will you know which players are safe to deploy in a large number of contests? The DFR Insider draft kits come packaged with the top StarStreet fantasy football plays every week. Make sure you don’t miss a player on their tight and aggressive salary cap.

Many players enjoy the StarStreet fantasy football experience each week, and we here at DFR think you will too. Use the DFR Insider draft kits to make sure your StarStreet fantasy football experience is a winning one!

StarStreet Fantasy Football Draft Kit Week 15

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